The Han Caves complex, in Han-sur-Lesse, offers one of the most attractive caves in Europe as a venue for your business events, such as teambuilding, product presentations, meetings, staff celebrations, and so on.

Huge range of event deals

  • Genuine bushcraft experience
  • Underground expedition into hidden areas of the Han Caves
  • Guided walk with a ranger through the wildlife park
  • Gin tasting in one of the finest caves in the Han Caves complex
  • Competition based on the Highland Games out in the countryside

Other features of the Han Caves

> Highly original seminar rooms

  • Les Brûlins (seats 60 people)
  • Film projection room, Le Préhistohan (seats 110 people)
  • Trapper’s cabin (seats 20 people)
  • “Salle d’Armes” cavern, 110 metres below ground, able to hold up to 500 guests

> Restaurant services

  • Barbecues with panoramic views
  • In-house catering team

> Outstanding natural environment

  • 250-hectare protected nature reserve
  • Wildlife park

> Easy to reach

  • 55 km from Namur
  • 75 km from Liège
  • 95 km from Charleroi

The Han Caves: choose experience, a natural setting and complete originality for your business events.

The information provided is an indication only. We advise you to inquire directly with the organisers of the event that interests you before you leave.