1. Cookies are data containing information saved by a website sent to your terminal (computer, tablet or smartphone) from your browser when you visit the site, and which include a unique identification number. Cookies are used to simplify access to the site as well as navigation and they increase the speed and efficiency of use. They can also be used to personalise the site according to your personal preferences. Cookies can also be used to analyse the use of the site (information on the pages consulted and the date and time of consultation).

Most cookies only work during a session or visit. It is also possible for users to configure their browsers to be informed when each cookie is created, or to prevent their registration, individually or otherwise.

2. WBT informs you of the types of cookies used on its website:

  • Technical and functional cookies
  • Advertising and third-party cookies (linked to social networks)
  • Analysis cookies (Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
  • Performance cookies

Technical cookies ensure the proper functioning of the website and allow smooth navigation. Functional cookies improve your experience as a user (for example, by retaining your choice of language or your usernames, or by saving your ‘shopping cart’).

Advertising cookies are intended to inform you about the products, services and pages that you consult, allowing you to personalise the advertisements that are likely to be appear on the website by means of techniques known as ‘retargeting’ based on your previous research and selection criteria: internal retargetings for displaying the start page, abandoned baskets and wishlists, and retargeting third-party sites in WBT (Facebook, Google Targeting, Big Data, Google My Business etc.)

Analysis cookies (such as Google Analytics) and tracking cookies analyse your behaviour on the website and retain your preferences (pages viewed, the time and the geographic area of consultation, number of visits etc.) Based on this information, the website is able to personalise its content and offer you targeted advertisements.

Performance cookies let you know if a click on the website led to a sale by one of our partners. The ‘tracing’ of the purchase is crucial for the activation of cashback and by means of this category of cookies the site can provide the service requested by the user. In accordance with the law of 13 June 2005 relating to electronic communications, these cookies do not collect any information that could personally identify the user and as they are set up strictly for their technical functionality they do not require the subscriber's express consent.

3. In accordance with the law of June 13, 2005 on electronic communications, your agreement is not necessary when the installation of a cookie is exclusively intended to permit or facilitate communication by electronic means, or is strictly necessary to provide an online service in response to your express request.

4. For advertising cookies, your agreement or refusal is materialized to us by the setting of your navigation software or by the setting of any other technical means supported by the site, allowing us to manage your browsing on the site.

5. You can refuse to install cookies by following the procedures described below based on your browser software.

  • if you browse the Internet with Internet Explorer, follow the procedure indicated here
  • if you browse the Internet with Mozilla Firefox, follow the procedure indicated here
  • if you browse the Internet with Google Chrome, follow the procedure indicated here
  • if you browse the Internet with Safari, follow the procedure indicate here

6. WBT informs you that disabling cookies can affect the optimal browsing and functionality of the website.

7. You always have the option to delete previously accepted cookies. If you want to remove cookies, the settings or preferences controlled by these cookies will be deleted as well.