Covid 19 : Entry to Belgium

Before travelling to Belgium

  •  Complete an electronic Passenger Locator Form before arriving in Belgium from abroad
  • Have one of the 3 certificates (vaccination, recovery, test)

                            -> Please consult the Belgian's info covid website for the latest information and guidelines


There are three types:

  • A vaccine certificate. The last injection must be at leats 2 weeks in the past. -> Valid for 270 days after the final dose of your primary vaccination and indefinitely with a booster vaccination.
  • A recovery certificate proving you have had Covid-19 and have an all-clear -> It has to be a European certificate, certificates issued by third countries are not recognised. 
  • A negative test certificate (PCR or RAT) -> Valide 72 hours for a PCR and 24 hours for a RAT.

Your certificate must be valid in Belgium or Europe.

Once in Belgium

The travel restrictions are changing regularly so we woud advise to consult this page for the most updated information.

You can also call +32 78151771

Start planning

Do you need help to start planning your trip?

Please note that...

We do our best to keep our information up to date but it's always best to check with the site you hope to visit before heading there - by phone, email, social media or simply by visiting their website - to see their latest opening hours and entry conditions.

Please check each site's opening times and conditions before travelling. Most will need you to have booked your visit or stay in advance. 

We all have a role to play

Please join us in respecting these simple rules:

  • Wash and disinfect your hands regularly
  • Use bins to discard masks, gloves, tissues and wipes 
  • Please do regular testing