Set a course for Haute-Meuse and an unusual team cooking event with a tasting cruise, organised by Dinant Evasion. An ideal opportunity to get to know your colleagues better!

The concept

  • Cooking workshop and tasting cruise on the Meuse
  • After a glass to get the ball rolling, it’s time to hit the stove!
  • Preparation of a 4-course gastro-menu, in teams
  • Coaching from an experienced, enthusiastic chef with great teaching skills on the side

Benefits for your employees

This team cooking event organised by Dinant Evasion is an original workshop offering an opportunity to discover quality ingredients and share the experience and emotions. It is also a different type of opportunity to work together towards a common goal.

The tasting cruise

The pleasure does not stop when the preparation is over. As soon as the dishes are ready, “Le Sax” leaves the jetty for a 2-hour tasting cruise to explore the outstanding scenery of the Haute-Meuse area:

  • The Priory
  • The famous Freÿr Chateau and its French-style formal gardens
  • The Freÿr rocks, the largest climbable rock face in Belgium

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Team cooking in Haute-Meuse - the winning combination to build connections and see colleagues in a new light.

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