An impressive walk retracing Napoleon’s footsteps at Waterloo

  • Teambuilding

With this teambuilding event offered by Discover Belgium, impress attendees by following in Napoleon’s footsteps through the battle of Waterloo.

The programme starts with a visit to the Wellington Museum. The museum is a special place packed with high quality artefacts. In addition to its collection of weapons and engravings, the museum’s 14 rooms recount the events at the time.

A rendezvous with history

The visit continues with a number of splendid features:

  • a walk across the battlefield to the Lion’s Mound;
  • a visit to the monument commemorating the battle;
  • a visit to the Waterloo Panorama to admire the huge fresco by painter Louis Dumoulin, enhanced by an impressive soundtrack;
  • a visit to the Memorial 1815 interactive experience.

To conclude the programme in fine style, your guests will enjoy a visit to Napoleon’s last headquarters.


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