The famous little Lego bricks become a team game

  • Teambuilding

Run in a location of your choice, Event Masters Wallonia gets your attendees to build the tallest tower based on a model only briefly glimpsed.

It’s back to your childhood with this classic game, but in a contemporary setting. In this event, LEGO®  bricks serve to develop communication and coordination skills. A number of activities are organised to achieve these objectives:

  • build towers
  • crack codes
  • attempt to reproduce original constructions as faithfully as possible.

Optimum communication equals success

The roles are shared out between team members. Some are given a glimpse of a LEGO®  model, just for a few moments. They will be given virtual glasses and iPads to receive instructions. It is then their turn to provide their teammates with all the information they need to build a replica. Teams piece together their creations following their teammates’ instructions. There is a sequence of models to be built.

A teambuilding exercise to improve communication between teams in your business.

The information provided is an indication only. We advise you to inquire directly with the organisers of the event that interests you before you leave.