Beat the Box: a challenge and a race against the clock

  • Teambuilding

A team training activity offered by Event Masters Wallonia to optimise and enhance your staff’s performance.

This event, based on the very popular “escape game” concept, requires both thought and action. In this exciting teambuilding exercise, where every second counts, teams must put their various individual skills to use in solving a series of puzzles. They then work together to find out the code for the box.

Teamwork and a common objective

It all begins with a mysterious video in which a chilling voice issues a challenge to the participants. Each team receives a metal box containing four smaller cases protected by combination locks that have to be opened. The teams have limited time to solve the puzzles and crack the final electronic code to stop the countdown.

Your staff will ultimately find they possess various talents, such as leadership, creativity, trust, cooperation, planning and efficiency.

A fun way to reinforce working together to successfully achieve a given objective.

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